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How We Got Here – Part 1

Editor’s Note: This incidents in the post occurred between Sept 2010 – October 2010 Summer’s over, “summer camp” at daycare has just ended and we are starting to get ready to return to normal classes. This meant Pre-Kindergarden for PT. The decision to put PT in Pre-K was hard. Every year at about December or January PT would “get” the curriculum. Oh, I see you there, Mr. “They Don’t Have Curriculum in Daycare”. Actually...

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A New and Interesting Development

While interesting, this development isn’t really new. See for quite some time, we have known that PT might have something called PDD. PDD is pervasive developmental disorder. When PT was originally evaluated, a little over six months ago, by a developmental pediatrician, one of the things they told us he “scored high for” was something called PDD or pervasive developmental disorder. They determined this by scoring a behavioral questioner...

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It Came On Saturday

After how the meeting went I wasnt surprised to discover what was in my mailbox last Saturday. We got a denial letter. If you have followed along then you know that out interagency team meeting didn’t go well. IB spent the entire meeting telling that, despite providing information new and previously unknown behaviors, he only needs 15 hours of week of assistance because he has made so much progress. However, after reading the letter it seems...

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Meeting Fail

So we are at the point that it is time for the six month “Inter-Agency Meeting”. This is a formal gathering of the parents, teachers, care givers, case managers, and insurance company to discuss PT’s progress, challenges and problems, along with the services he will need to help manage those problems and overcome his challenges. OR, at least that is what it would be in a perfect world. In reality it is something much different. It involves...

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