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And the winner is… Asperger’s

Well, I know you heard it already. I know I mentioned it in our last post that we and the psychologist administering the test, thought PT had an Autism Spectrum Disorder, and that was just based on causal conversation and his impressions while giving the test and conducting the interviews. Though, he did think it would be at the higher functioning or Asperger’s end of the scale. As far as the testing went, they did two...

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Change of Site Name?

So we had an appointment to get PT a “differential diagnosis”. Now in physical medicine, we use the differential diagnosis to build and idea why someone is having a problem. Once we have a set of symptoms we start building a list of possible problems and then run tests to figure out what the problem is. In behavioral medicine is very similar. Instead they use a series of educational and psychological tests along with a parental...

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Appeals Update

So the appeal went well, I think. The doctor reviewing the case pointed out that we had enough people to field a baseball team. I liked that he noticed that since we had myself, K, JZ, MJ, and his case manager. Dr. P was trying to make it but couldn’t make room in her schedule. We all explained the mistakes made in the internal notes, outlined the issues that supported our point, and presented a well made case as to why he needed more time...

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Time to Appeal

A few weeks ago, we posted that on a Saturday we received our denial letter. They denied part of PT’s prescription from Dr. P. In the mean time we have been reviewing documents, reading things, writing, and writing some more. We wrote a 5 page response that included a reference section and footnotes. We outlined the incorrect information in the  letter (yes there was stuff in the letter not mentioned in the meeting OR listed in any or the...

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Oh No You Don’t!

PT is currently in private kindergarten. As an approved private school, his center has the option of offering the state approved standardized test for kindergarten. The specific test they use is called the TerraNova. It is the same idea as the state produced tests used in public schools. The TerraNova is an approved achievement test in our state, that private schools can use at any age level that would be tested in public school. So with the...

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