Posts made in April, 2012

Some days are good and some, well….

We all have off days. We are human. Sometimes our children with autism and autism spectrum disorders, have more off days than usual. Such was the case for PT last week. PT was having a bad day, he didn’t get enough sleep and he, like me, is giant grump when we doesn’t get enough sleep. Then because he was already a giant grump when he got to school, things went down hill from there. For some reason he seemed to be bothered by...

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We won, and on the first try!

So a few weeks ago I told you that PT was denied some of his services, because he didn’t meet the Medical Necessity criteria. Well we had our meeting and guess what? We won. Based on the information we provided at the appeals meeting, along with the diagnosis we got from the testing we had done a few weeks ago. The decided he did meet the criteria and overturned the original decision. KJ and I are very happy, now MJ will be able to work...

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Light It Up For Autism

April is international Autism Awareness Month, and April 2nd major buildings all over the world will be lighting up in blue for Austism awareness. Currently 1 in 88 children are currently diagnosed with Autism. On April 2nd, this web site will “Light it up Blue” for the entire day. No posts, no ads, just a blue site with a message of awareness. Additional, we and all of our family will be lighting up our houses blue for the rest of...

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