Posts made in March, 2013

Scary New Autism Statistics

I just saw a news report today on our local TV station about the new and increased number of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. For a while now the government has said the number runs about 1 child in every 88 children has autism or an Autism spectrum disorder. Now based on a phone survey that number could be as high as 1 in 50. Check out the report from our local CBS station KDKA. The report is done by their medical reporter Dr. Maria...

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Delays, Delays and More Delays

After the last post which was happy and nice, its time to get back to the griping. We have recently gone through a change in behavioral consultants. JZ is no longer with us. She got a better job with a steady paycheck, and actual medical benefits. So we are happy for her. We got a new behavioral consultant which we will call MH for now. We like MH and so does PT. Now, on to the problems. The agency MH works for, made a little screw up. They...

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Light It Up Blue for Autism Awareness

April 2, 2013 is Word Autism Awareness Day. So starting on April 2, and all throughout the month of April Autism Speaks is asking everyone to “Light it Up Blue”. Wear blue clothes, light up your home or business in blue lights all to raise awareness of Autism. Many landmarks and business are participating in this event. We are lighting our house blue by changing our outside light bulbs to blue lights from Home Depot. Walmart is...

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Fascinating Moment

I tend to use this space to grip about the problems we deal with. Partially to warn people about what can happen, and partly just to share my frustrations. But every once in a while, PT does something that I find a fascinating moment. We had one of those moments last night. These last few weeks in school PT’s has been studying measuring. The have been measuring stuff in their workbooks with paperclips. Well last night he saw my measuring...

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How We Pay for Autism Services

So I met some people who either know someone who is struggling with autism spectrum disorder or is knowns someone who is. The question I get asked often is how do you pay for the behavioral services PT gets. First is it important to note that we live in Pennsylvania, and things vary from state to state. Here in PA, we do have an autism insurance law. In a nut shell (and please note I am not a legal expert), it requires business that offer...

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