About this site

We created this site to share our struggles, frustrations, joys, triumphs and defeats in parenting a child with moderate to severe ADHD and suspected of PDD. Follow us as we try to juggle our jobs, family, and child, along with our fights with his insurance company, our insurance company. We want to share our frustrations, joys, problems, and solutions we find as we travel down this road. We are keeping things anonymous, changing names, and not reveling our location. There are so many players involved, so many organisations, and we don’t want to invade anyone’s privacy or name and shame anyone publicly (despite our personal feelings). So the names have been changed to protect the innocent and not so innocent.

About “The Daddy”

So I am PT’s father. I am a teacher, programmer, consultant, technology enthusiast, father, EMT, and cook. I like anything with a chip in it, Apple, Microsoft, cooking, baking, sci-fi, Star Wars, Star Trek, computer games, trains and Wii. I too have mild ADHD and as I read more and more about PDD and Autism spectrum disorders, think I may have had some symptoms when I was younger.

About KJ AKA “The Mommy”

KJ is the mommy or “momma bear”. She is a teacher, mother, and maker of crafty and designy things. She is probably one of the most creative people I know. She also is the home bookkeeper, among other things. She works at PT’s current “school” which is both convenient and infuriating.