A New and Interesting Development

While interesting, this development isn’t really new. See for quite some time, we have known that PT might have something called PDD. PDD is pervasive developmental disorder. When PT was originally evaluated, a little over six months ago, by a developmental pediatrician, one of the things they told us he “scored high for” was something called PDD or pervasive developmental disorder. They determined this by scoring a behavioral questioner filled out by both us and Mrs. KT. See PDD is one of a group of disorders on the Autism Spectrum. Yes, if PT indeed has this disorder, he will be considered autistic. But autism is a group of diseases on a continuum, which means some people have more problems and need more help, and others have less. PT would be on the less end, if he does indeed have this disorder. If you want to find out more about PDD and autism spectrum disorders I suggest reading:

While Dr. P is on the fence about a PDD diagnosis, she definitely sees some of the signs. So did the people at our care meeting (If you want a blow, by blow on how that went [look here]). So PT is in for some further testing soon. Anywho, I digress…

KJ and I did some research about six months ago and found quite a few symptoms that PT has that match up (I can see why Dr. P is on the fence). One that slapped us all in the face is routine, sameness and expectation. Monday night at dinner, I asked PT if he would like is “lucky chocolate milk”. Now for those that are unaware, there is regular chocolate milk, Hershey’s syrup in milk, and “luck chocolate milk” which is a Boost shake (PT is a little under weight and can’t get any additional medicine to help him until he shows some weight gain). He told me he would love some “special lucky chocolate milk”, notice the difference in words. Apparently in be-knownced to either KJ or I, that meant Boost in a cup. Now apparently KJ has been giving it to him in a cup, because she has been giving it to him in a “car-safe” cup with breakfast. Well I just gave him the bottle, and well he lost his, ever-loving, mind… Because, it was out of the routine. See with PDD and autism, routine is a big thing. I broke is routine, and he lost it, so much that he completely missed dinner, he was so upset he didn’t eat anything.

We have known about this for a while. From as far back as PT could speak, he would always let me know I did bath time differently. Letting me know would range from just telling me that I did it differently but that it was okay, to losing his mind.

Mrs. KT also told us about another “incident” at school. She had them writing and then asked them to put their pencils in the middle of the table. A little later, she then asked them to grab their pencils and write some more. Someone grabbed his pencil and he lost it again, because he couldn’t understand writing with some other pencil. It was out of the ordinary. Out of routine, he was just writing with it.

Every so often something comes up and slaps us in the face. We may not get a PDD diagnosis in a few weeks, but I defiantly think something else going on here.

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  1. Reading everything you’ve posted, B, I thought of autism almost immediately – specifically Aspberger’s. I hope it is on the low end of the spectrum, because that is much easier to manage than higher levels of autism… I’ll continue to follow along for updates and will say a prayer for you guys.

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