So here we are. Review time. I wrote about this a few days ago. It is time for our bi-annual review of PT’s care and situation. And, as I posted then, things are going well. He has made great progress in social skills. But we still have issues with things like the potty, his understanding of free will (my way of saying that not everyone wants to do what he wants to do), and of course the chewing and tantrums. Oh yes at age 7 we still have tantrums…. Then most of the time people look at him and see a normal little boy with just a bit too much energy.

I think that is the hardest part for me. I would not wish Autism or anything in the classification of “Autism Spectrum Disorders” on my worst enemy, and I am definitely not going to say my counterparts with low-functioning (or lower functioning than my kid) have it easy because they don’t. But it gets really hard to explain to people how my kid has ASD and how it manifests itself when they can’t see it or experience it first hand and when he isn’t like it all the time. And, there are days when having to justify everything we want and need help with seems like more work than not. Perhaps I will write more on this later. Night, y’all we got an early psych. appointment!