So, it is back to school time. As a matter of fact, school starts on Monday. So, how to we prepare for a new school year? PT is high functioning enough that there isn’t much we need to do for him. Last year everything was brand new so there was lots of hand holding and schedule reviewing. This year seems a bit more laid back. But, we have gone over the bus schedule, wake up time, bed time, and the after school schedule for the last week.

The uncertainty is the schedule in school. And he is a little worried about that, but he is in the autistic support, mainstream classroom (the teacher of this first grade class has had all the main-streamed autistic support students, plus some NT kids), so we aren’t really concerned. But his teachers have helped in the transition. First, he will keep all of his classroom aides from last year, and he will have the same autistic support teacher. The school staff, last school year, introduced PT to his new teacher. His autistic support teacher even sent him a post card last week telling PT how excited she was to see him, and hear all about his summer.

Now, how do we prepare the school? Well, we start by making sure all the medical information is up to date for the first day. That means we have all the medication forms ready, prescriptions, etc… Then I prepare an email to his teacher and autistic support teacher with the details of his outside services and if and how they might affect him at school. For example, after September 9th, PT’s BSC finishes and he is moving to Mobile Therapy. This changes things in the school a bit. See a BSC or behavior specialist works to help us find the causes of PT’s behavior problem, so we can adjust the cause or short-circuit the problem. The Mobile Therapist works with PT to develop coping skills at the time and place problems occur. I suspect most of that will be happening in the home, BUT his therapist will be going to his school to make sure they don’t need any help.

There is much paperwork shuffling, but in the end it is worth it because PT will have a stress free transition to a new school year.