World Autism Awareness Day

Tomorrow is World Autism Awareness day. So we will be lighting this website up blue to celebrate and raise awareness. You can still join in, because not only is it world Autism Awareness day tomorrow, but it is also National Autism Awareness Month here in the US. So you help shine a light on Autism all month-long. Ways you can help: Light your house up blue, blue bulbs are available at Wal-Mart and Home Depot (the Home Depot bulbs are less than...

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Scary New Autism Statistics

I just saw a news report today on our local TV station about the new and increased number of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. For a while now the government has said the number runs about 1 child in every 88 children has autism or an Autism spectrum disorder. Now based on a phone survey that number could be as high as 1 in 50. Check out the report from our local CBS station KDKA. The report is done by their medical reporter Dr. Maria...

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Light It Up Blue for Autism Awareness

April 2, 2013 is Word Autism Awareness Day. So starting on April 2, and all throughout the month of April Autism Speaks is asking everyone to “Light it Up Blue”. Wear blue clothes, light up your home or business in blue lights all to raise awareness of Autism. Many landmarks and business are participating in this event. We are lighting our house blue by changing our outside light bulbs to blue lights from Home Depot. Walmart is...

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Light It Up For Autism

April is international Autism Awareness Month, and April 2nd major buildings all over the world will be lighting up in blue for Austism awareness. Currently 1 in 88 children are currently diagnosed with Autism. On April 2nd, this web site will “Light it up Blue” for the entire day. No posts, no ads, just a blue site with a message of awareness. Additional, we and all of our family will be lighting up our houses blue for the rest of...

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Appeals Update

So the appeal went well, I think. The doctor reviewing the case pointed out that we had enough people to field a baseball team. I liked that he noticed that since we had myself, K, JZ, MJ, and his case manager. Dr. P was trying to make it but couldn’t make room in her schedule. We all explained the mistakes made in the internal notes, outlined the issues that supported our point, and presented a well made case as to why he needed more time...

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Oh No You Don’t!

PT is currently in private kindergarten. As an approved private school, his center has the option of offering the state approved standardized test for kindergarten. The specific test they use is called the TerraNova. It is the same idea as the state produced tests used in public schools. The TerraNova is an approved achievement test in our state, that private schools can use at any age level that would be tested in public school. So with the...

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