Appeals Update

So the appeal went well, I think. The doctor reviewing the case pointed out that we had enough people to field a baseball team. I liked that he noticed that since we had myself, K, JZ, MJ, and his case manager. Dr. P was trying to make it but couldn’t make room in her schedule. We all explained the mistakes made in the internal notes, outlined the issues that supported our point, and presented a well made case as to why he needed more time...

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It Came On Saturday

After how the meeting went I wasnt surprised to discover what was in my mailbox last Saturday. We got a denial letter. If you have followed along then you know that out interagency team meeting didn’t go well. IB spent the entire meeting telling that, despite providing information new and previously unknown behaviors, he only needs 15 hours of week of assistance because he has made so much progress. However, after reading the letter it seems...

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