School Problems

Ch- ch- ch- ch- Changes…

Those of you out there on the inter-webs may have noticed that we haven’t posted anything in a while. We, quite frankly we haven’t had much to say that would be interesting. Things have been going, dare I say it, well. We haven’t had any major problems in school. kindergarten graduation has pretty much gone off without a hitch. PT has been more socially out going at school, thanks in no small part to his wonderful TSS MJ. Until...

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Oh No You Don’t!

PT is currently in private kindergarten. As an approved private school, his center has the option of offering the state approved standardized test for kindergarten. The specific test they use is called the TerraNova. It is the same idea as the state produced tests used in public schools. The TerraNova is an approved achievement test in our state, that private schools can use at any age level that would be tested in public school. So with the...

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