After how the meeting went I wasnt surprised to discover what was in my mailbox last Saturday. We got a denial letter. If you have followed along then you know that out interagency team meeting didn’t go well. IB spent the entire meeting telling that, despite providing information new and previously unknown behaviors, he only needs 15 hours of week of assistance because he has made so much progress.

However, after reading the letter it seems IB’s notions of his progress were at best a misunderstanding and at worst a fabrication to justify the idea in her head. So, almost one week later, KJ and I along with some assistance from a diabetes advocate friend, JZ, and PT’s case manager, I wrote a five-page long, reasearch paper style, appeal letter. In it i fixed the mistaken information, compared his previous approvals to his current one, and took apart their criteria they said he didn’t meet and showed them point by point why I thought he met them.

PT’s case manager told us they don’t budge often, so if anything would make them budge, our letter would. She told us at the very least it would help them to understand our expectations.

So the letter was reviewed, edited, and reviewed some more. We are sending out today and they have 30 days to review and tell us their decision. So wish us luck!