So we go in on Thursday for our semi-annual review. This is where PT’s psychologist sits down with me, PT, and Mr. M to see how PT is doing and what we might need in the next 6 months. He has made tremendous progress over the last year. We still have some social issues, but things are going. The potty is still a problem. Not at school, but he we don’t consistently remind him at home, he will pee in his pants. Poop, well that is another story entirely. He is doing somewhat better there at times. But at other times it seems like he doesn’t care at all so he just goes in his pants. The other interesting behavior has been his tantrums. While he doesn’t have a lot of tantrums anymore, we are seeing an increase in severity, at least in public. The last major tantrum about two weeks go resulted in crying and screaming, but also including hitting (himself), biting (himself), and even spitting on himself. The other issue is the never, ever, which is what usually causes the tantrum. And the chewing… the incessant chewing… We either have to find something else for him to chew on or try to find another outlet for this nervous energy.

I think we are going to ask for something called Mobile Therapy. The therapist comes to PT and works with him here. But there something different we can ask for, we are going to ask for something called Mobile Therapy Extended. This allows Mr. M to be a therapist when necessary and a behavior consultant when necessary. Hopefully with this we can handle these other behaviors we need to deal with, and anything else that comes along.