The cast of characters in this wonderful adventure. The names have been changed to protect the innocent. And me. From a lawsuit. And dirty looks.

The Daddy – ME! I am a dad, sometimes software developer, sometimes fixer of computer problems, and all around technology nerd

PT – My son, who like me suffers from ADHD (only more severe) and Asperger’s and who this site really centers around

KJ – My lovely wife, momma bear, early childhood educator, and all around harbinger of doom for those that get between my son and his needs.

JZ – My son’s most wonderful behavioral specialist and child advocate extrodinar.

MJ – The most wonderful TSS on earth. MJ knows her shit, and she knows kids. She is like the child whisperer or something. She is good like Michael Jordan is good at basketball. Hence the name.

Dr. P – My son’s most wonderful P-psychologist (yes I watch Animanaics, don’t judge me).

Mrs. KT – Is PT’s kindergarten teacher at his daycare’s private kindergarten. She is has been wonderfully accommodating, a bit loud mouthed about things we can’t control, but overall I couldn’t ask for better!

IB – The new care manager at the insurance company. That is all I will say.

CDJ – The director of my son’s daycare center and private kindergarten. She also my wife’s boss… Awkward Cake.

And of course other assorted characters to be named later.